UK #1 Feel Bliss Radio Local Manchester’s £210 million Factory International has been rated one of the top things to see in the world this year

Manchester’s £210 million Factory International has been rated one of the top things to see in the world this year


Time Out has listed the top 23 things to do worldwide in 2023.

Manchester’s cultural calendar is packed with brand-new, exciting debuts for 2023, so it’s no surprise that the city is receiving a lot of attention as it gets ready to unveil a number of iconic venues.

The city’s cultural institutions and trendy neighbourhoods have made numerous world’s best lists in the past year, often before they have even opened. In 2023, we’re off to a great start with another prestigious mention, this time in Time Out magazine’s 23 Best Things to Do in the World in 2023.

The much awaited £210 million Factory International in Manchester ranks ninth under the heading “visit a new blockbuster art venue” among attractions like Iceland’s hot springs, film festivals in Buenos Aires, and the world’s largest anime store in Tokyo.

The magazine wrote: “Manchester is making a storm right now, with the UK city being crowned one of the world’s very best places to visit by Lonely Planet in 2022. It’s not showing any signs of slowing down this year, with the long-awaiting opening of Factory International, a £210 million arts venue which will be the new, permanent home of the biennial Manchester International Festival.”

The editorial continued by listing the several performances and exhibitions that are available for guests to enjoy, including the largest-ever immersive Yayoi Kusama exhibition and a stage adaptation of The Matrix by Danny Boyle. Manchester was the only UK city to appear in the top 10, although London’s Museum of Childhood came in at number 18.

The flagship art centre for Manchester, which will debut in June, is being lauded as a “landmark” location for the city. The £210 million facility, which is being built on the site of the former Granada TV Studios, is designed like a massive hangar and is anticipated to attract 1.15 million visitors annually.

In December, Time Out published their best new things to do in the UK in 2023 guide, with Manchester once again ranking number 1 thanks to Factory International. And in November, the city was the only one in the United Kingdom to be named on the magazine’s Best Travel list for 2023.

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