R360 Manager: Visa sponsorship available

Manager: Visa sponsorship available


School of Sufi Teaching

About us

We are professional, agile, and our goal is to School of Sufi Teaching – Summary Statement The School of Sufi Teaching offers a unique educational experience, blending ancient wisdom with the needs of modern-day seekers. It’s a place where people from diverse backgrounds can delve into Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam known for its rich poetry, music, and spiritual practice traditions. Despite its Islamic roots, the school stands out for making these teachings accessible to everyone, including non-Muslims, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience with spiritual practices. At its core, the school aims to introduce students to the foundational concepts and practices of Sufism, deeply rooted in the Islamic tradition. The teachings emphasise personal growth, inner peace, and a deeper understanding of one’s connection to the Divine. It navigates the delicate balance between spiritual development and everyday life, offering practical tools for individuals looking to enhance their lives with meaningful spiritual insights while maintaining a connection to the Divine. The curriculum is grounded in the teachings of four main Sufi paths: Naqshbandi, Mujaddidi, Chishti, and Qadiri, each with its unique approach yet all sharing the goal of helping individuals draw closer to God. This diverse approach ensures that students are exposed to a broad spectrum of Sufi philosophy and practice, allowing them to find the path that resonates most deeply with their personal journey. The practices taught at the school, including meditation, mindfulness, and the recitation of sacred texts, are designed to be seamlessly integrated into daily routines, fostering a living relationship with God amid one’s daily activities. One of the key strengths of the School of Sufi Teaching is its emphasis on the practical application of Sufi principles in the modern world, always keeping the connection to God at the forefront. The school teaches that spirituality isn’t just about seeking personal enlightenment but also about how one interacts with the world. It encourages students to bring qualities such as compassion, patience, and generosity into their interactions with others, viewing these virtues as expressions of their spiritual practice and devotion. Moreover, the school acknowledges the challenges that come with modern life, such as stress, distraction, and the feeling of disconnection. It offers Sufi teachings to address these issues, promoting a way of life that fosters inner tranquility, mindfulness, and a sense of connectedness to a larger reality. Students learn to cultivate a state of being where actions are grounded in awareness and intention, leading to a more harmonious and fulfilling life. The community aspect of the School of Sufi Teaching is another significant feature. It provides a supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences and insights with fellow seekers. This sense of community is vital for sustaining motivation and deepening one’s understanding of the teachings. The school organises regular meetings, workshops, and retreats, offering students opportunities to deepen their practice and connect with others on a similar path. Experienced teachers, rooted in the Islamic tradition, guide students through their spiritual journey, offering personalised advice and support. These teachers come from a lineage of Sufi masters, ensuring that the teachings are transmitted with authenticity and integrity. They are available to answer questions, provide guidance on spiritual practices, and help students navigate the challenges that arise on their path. In conclusion, the School of Sufi Teaching provides a comprehensive and accessible approach to exploring Sufism and its relevance to contemporary life, firmly rooted in the Islamic tradition yet open to all. It’s an ideal place for anyone seeking to enrich their understanding of spirituality, find greater peace and fulfilment, and connect more deeply with the world around them. Through its blend of ancient wisdom and practical application, the school offers a pathway to spiritual growth that is both profound and accessible, inviting individuals from all walks of life to discover the transformative power of Sufi teachings..

Our work environment includes:

  • Modern office setting
  • Food provided


The SOST charity seeks a technology, research, and education manager to operationalise its objectives for its next stage of growth. We seek someone to mobilise digital technology to research the nature of Su meditation and its eectiveness, disseminate this information, and apply it through innovative teaching methods to expand the charity’s educational programmes and outreach

“`Key Responsibilities“`

· Strategic Leadership: Develop and implement strategic plans that align with the charity’s mission.

· Research and Scholarly Work: Lead the charity’s research strategy and oversee the production, publication and implementation of research outcomes to support the charity’s objectives. Ensure compliance with legal and statutory requirements and ethical guidelines.

· Operational Delivery: Plan and coordinate the allocation of resources to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

· Technological Development: Design and develop IT resources supporting research and educational activities to streamline operations and support strategic goals.

· Content and Educational Programme Management: Direct the creation and dissemination of educational materials. Oversee the development and implementation of curricula and training programmes for volunteers and staff.

· Community Engagement and Development: Contribute to outreach programmes, educational offerings, and spiritual retreats.

· Representation and Negotiation: Participate in consultations with local authorities, multifaith organisations, employees, and other organisations. Negotiate IT contracts and agreements to benefit the charity.

· Public Relations and Promotion: Enhance public interest in the charity’s activities by publishing research, audiobooks, eBooks, translations of materials in other languages, etc.

· Event Management: Organise and participate in events, including seminars, workshops, and exhibitions, that align with the charity’s mission.

Person Specification for Manager, School of Sufi Teaching

Knowledge, Experience, and Personal Qualities:


· In-depth experience in senior management within educational organisations.

· Proven record in strategic planning, curriculum design and delivery.

· Knowledge of Sufism.

· Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to relate to diverse individuals and stakeholders.

· A personal alignment with the values and ethos of the charity.

· Qualified at least to MA or PhD with a strong background in IT and technology


· Specific knowledge of the non-profit, educational, or spiritual sectors.

· Experience in living and working in multicultural and multifaith environments.

Skills and Abilities:


· Familiarity with cutting-edge digital technologies, such as AI.

· Flexibility in adapting to new challenges and willingness to engage in continuous learning.

· Working knowledge of Urdu to oversee publications, including translations.

· Capability to lead, inspire, and mobilise teams toward achieving strategic objectives.

· Skills in strategic thinking and developing long-term plans that align with the charity’s goals.

· Proven ability in resource management, budgeting, and financial oversight.

Excellent communication and negotiation skills to effectively manage relationships and partnerships.


· Working knowledge of Arabic.

· Experience with commercial cloud-based technologies, e.g., CRM.

Additional Requirements:

· A demonstrable commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that respects diversity.

· Ability to work independently, with a high level of self-direction and initiative.

· Preparedness to travel nationally and internationally to represent the charity and engage with stakeholders.

· Willingness to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, as required by the role.

This is a hybrid position which involves primarily remote working as well as working on the charity premises from time to time.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £38,700.00-£39,700.00 per year


  • Flexitime
  • Free parking
  • UK visa sponsorship
  • Work from home


  • Overtime
  • Weekend availability

Ability to Commute:

  • London, E2 0JD (required)

Work Location: Hybrid remote in London, E2 0JD

Application deadline: 15/04/2024
Expected start date: 01/05/2024

To apply for this job please visit www.glassdoor.co.uk.