UK #1 Feel Bliss Radio News Jelena Dokic slams social media trolls over offensive posts about her body

Jelena Dokic slams social media trolls over offensive posts about her body


Jelena Dokic, a former tennis star from Australia, lashed out at the “evil and disgusting trolls” who continued to harass her on social media by fat-shaming the popular commentator.

The 39-year-old former star rose to world No.4 after beginning her career at the age of 16 with one of the greatest upsets in tennis history against Martina Hingis at Wimbledon.

Dokic called out nasty keyboard warriors who seem to take glee in fat-shaming her just days before, and she did it again, sharing a terrible remark she saw from a fan.

The nasty troll wrote in a post that Jelena Dokic published on her Instagram, saying, “I really don’t think it’s fair that a whale like Jelena Dokic takes my joy of watching tennis and turns it to crap.”

‘All she does is say how good she is. I bet it would take her 10 minutes to run 100m. Please get rid of her. Just the sight make me turn off.’

Dokic bravely shared the offensive remarks with her 106,000 Instagram followers rather than ignoring the troll or ruminating on the insults.

She even revealed that a significant portion of it had come from other women, which deeply appalled her.

She stated on Instagram, “The “body shaming” and “fat shaming” over the last 24 hours has been insane.”

‘Coming from everywhere in the world and a special shout to so much of it coming from Serbia as the last picture confirms.

‘And yes a lot of them are women too. So much for “women supporting women”.’

She didn’t stop there.

The former junior champion, who has gained popularity among viewers for her commentary during Channel Nine’s coverage of the Australian Open, slammed the “evil” fat-shamer.

“This first picture? EVIL. There is no other word for it. Disgusting. Dokic posted a screenshot of the keyboard warrior’s post along with the statement, “People should be so ashamed.

‘The most common comment being ‘what happened to her, she is so big’? I will tell you what happened, I am finding a way and surviving and fighting.

‘It really doesn’t matter what I am doing and what happened because size shouldn’t matter. Kindness and being a good person matters which those of you that abuse me and others are clearly not.’

Dokic, who has amassed ten career victories, revealed heartbreakingly that she had been pretty close to taking her own life, the previous year because she “wanted the pain and suffering to stop.”

It is disgusting that someone would be aware of this, make light of it, and still harass her online.

Dokic published an offensive remark last week that she described as “a new low”: With a laughing emoji, a commenter asked her in Serbian, “Now that the Australian Open is starting, will Jelena Dokic try to kill herself like she does every year?”

But Dokic is committed to expose keyboard warriors and serve as a role model for people who are coping with abuse and serious mental health problems.

‘What matters is your online abuse, bullying and fat shaming. That’s what matters because those of you that do it are just evil, bad, mean and ignorant people,’ her post continued.

‘I can and will get in shape for myself and my health but you will not become a better person.

‘Weight will change but evil people will remain evil. I am here fighting for all those out there being abused and fat shamed.

‘I will also be kind and (be) the bigger person, unlike you trolls, and not reveal your identity.

‘Love you all. Even the trolls, because you give me so much motivation and inspiration to do what I do and to fight against people like you.

‘For all those out there supporting me and there are so many of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.’

The Australian star, whose family fled the then-war-torn Yugoslavia when she was a little child, is fortunate in that she has a lot of support.

Former Serena Williams coach Patrick Mouratoglou, who is now coaching superstar Dane Holger Rune at the Open, expressed his admiration for Dokic in a statement.

‘You are doing a great job Jelena. Don’t even read those comments and don’t give them any importance. You will always find unhappy/envious/negative people on social media,’ he wrote on her post.

‘All they do all day long is post horrible things on people which tells a lot about their own insecurities. The majority loves you, admire you and the amazing job you are doing!’

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